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We’re designers who write and writers who design. This page is dedicated to sharing our vision of Blueshelves with you.


About Blueshelves

Blueshelves is a blueprint for putting your books on the shelves of your readers. We exist to help you—the writer—with the more difficult sides of writing: marketing and design. We do everything, from individual projects like creating maps or book covers, all the way to designing your author brand. We tailor each project to fit your needs.

Most self-publishing writers hire multiple outside professionals to design their cover, design the layout, design the map, market the book and design the pre-order goodies, but with Blueshelves, you can do it all in one place with a team who understands your brand and vision.

Our Story

It all started when Gracie realized a need in the writer’s community: Writer’s didn’t have

the resources to market or learn how to market their books.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a company or program that provided learning and

personal design for and with the author? What if she could do that?


She began to slowly form the idea and even came up with a name and logo, but never set anything into motion.


That’s when she met Libby, a fellow writer with a heart for design as well. As they talked, they discovered their shared interest in helping authors create a brand and market books effectively.

A short time after the conference, Gracie approached Libby about starting Blueshelves. Together, the two began to build a plan that would effectively help authors sell books.

This is their passion, and they cannot wait to work with you.

Turn your unique voice into an original brand.


But my friends just call me Gracie.

I’m a storyteller, advocate for dark chocolate, and a visual designer who wants to help share your stories and dreams with the world.


I've always loved stories. I want to write them, create them, design them, and everything in between. It’s always been something short of a miracle to read a story and have it come alive, feeling so very real in your mind.


So, here I am, a graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Communication Design. I still find stories just short of a miracle, and love to create visuals bringing an author’s story to life through marketing and social media.​

You can connect with me on Instagram @simplygraciegirl or my blog

Blueshelves CEO

Hello, my name is Intigo Montoya