Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.

—Jean Luc Godard

A project exploring the idea of stories told without words and stories told with words. This book is not for sale.


stories of glass

About Stories of Glass

We often say a picture is a thousand words, but much more powerful are the words telling the story. When using pictures or words to share a story it is effective, charming, and has power. What happens when you put them together? 

The intent of this project was to explore the earliest forms of telling a story. Before we started reading and writing, we drew pictures. Stained glass windows were a form of storytelling. This accordion book combines stained glass windows and typography to comment on the power of a story. 

However, it was found in the course of this project, the key to understanding a story is by reading the whole thing

The cover of the book is 

designed as a close-up view of a stained glass 

window. It invites the audience to look closer and see what is inside.

You may be surprised to know this photo is not upside down. Because of its unique folding method some of the pages are upside down until it is unfolded. 

The front and back covers match up to reference the way stories are told through series of stained-glass windows.