This project was a logo for Grizzly Haven Creations. Scroll to see the process of this design!


Grizzly Haven Creations

Where We Started...

Ashley of Grizzly Haven Designs wanted the logo to match a tattoo she'd gotten. This is the initial design. 

Initial Design


The initial design is the opportunity for a client to tell us what they don't like about it. This may seem backwards, but it actually helps us create something the client loves when we know what they don't like.

In this case, Ashley sent me a few color schemes she would have liked to see instead, along with making some changes to be made to the logo. 

Onto to the next updates...

Design Updates with Color Options

I moved the bear above Haven and removed the bear's tail to better match Ashley's tattoo.


The Final Design

Ultimately, Ashley decided to go with an all-black logo for Grizzly Haven Creations.

You can check out Grizzly Haven Creations Facebook page here!