bookish map

This project was a map for the inside of Sally Jo Pitt's book "Designed for Love". Scroll to see the process of this design!


Where We Started...

This was the original file Sally sent over of her vision of the little town she'd created. I took these and started the initial design...

Initial Design

The initial design is the opportunity for a client to tell us what they don't like about it. This may seem backwards, but it actually helps us create something the client loves when we know what they don't like.

In this case, Sally sent me her inspiration for each building in the novel and asked me to recreate them within the map. She also sent me a map she loved and asked for a similar color scheme.

To the next updates...

Design Updates with Type Options

I updated all of the buildings, made color changes, and gave Sally some options with the typography. 

The Final Design

Check out the Author

Sally Jo writes what she likes to read--faith-based stories steeped in the mysteries of life and love that will inspire and encourage the reader.

Since she is a private investigator, licensed lie detection examiner, and retired guidance counselor with over twenty years of teaching experience in the field of marriage and family living, she brings a career of experience in affairs of the heart to the fiction page. 

Her new seasonal mystery/whodunit series—Mystery of the Seasons—launches this fall with the autumn book available now!