2021 Design Trends and Authors

Authors must adapt and change to what their audience needs at this moment. As authors, you have a superpower to speak life into people and your marketing is wonderful way to do that. especially with the 2021 predicted trends in design.

Below we have the top five 2021 design predictions and how you can apply them to your marketing as an author this year.

1. Optimism

This one is huge. Globally, people are tired of bad news. They want to scroll through their social media and see good news.

Look over your social media. Are the things you write to your followers full of positive messages? Are they uplifting? Hopeful? Are your graphics dreary colors with sad quotes? Sad stories?

Use your platform to promote hope and contentment in a time of tension and restlessness.

A great example of this is Sara Ella (there will be a link to all mentioned authors at the end of this blog). If your visit her social media, it's full of bright and happy colors with captions full of hope and thankfulness.

Photos belong to @saraella

2. Humor & Playfulness

Our lives are only as serious as we make them. People want to laugh and laughter is none to heal. Great ways to do this could be by posting some funny quotes from your books, writing about an embarrassing moment in your life, using bright colors in your photos.

You have the chance to make some smile as they scroll through their social media. Don't let yourself pass it up.

The SparkNotes Twitter and Instagram accounts are great examples of this. Their posts make any book lover smile as they scroll through their feed.

Photos belong to @sparknotes_

3. Authenticity & Honesty

This is huge in marketing currently. People don't like being deceived and in this year, many people are sick of the lies and twisted trusts within social media. They want real life people who don't hide their imperfections.

In your blogs, captions, and graphics talk about the hard stuff in life. Share the good, bad and ugly, then end it with hope. My mother always says that when we tell people we are fine and everything is perfect, we are missing an opportunity to relate with another person.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on how I'd struggled horribly with nausea and sickness after finding out I was pregnant with a honeymoon baby. I was blown away by the amount of people who reached out to me saying how much they had related to the post and were so glad I'd put it out in the world.

When we connect with people at an individual level we are also creating loyal readers who not only love your books, but they also love you.

A great example of this is Nadine Brandes. This author's has a very healthy balance of sharing her struggles and victories as an author, wife, and mother. Reading her posts are always an authentic breath of fresh air.

Photos belong to @nadinebrandes

4. Dynamic Systems

Creating dynamic systems as an author is very relative to graphics and photos you post. This means you are creating...

  • Posts/graphic with similar color palettes.

  • Posts/graphics with movement

  • Posts/Graphics made to be seen in sets of 3

  • Using the rule of thirds (next weeks post will have more info on this)

Some great examples of this are @createexploreread, @lifeinlit, and, of course, our very own @libbylouguru.

5. Rediscovery of Nature

Last, but not least, is the rediscovery of nature. After spending so much time in quarantine, many people have enjoyed much more time in nature then they have in the past. Seeing beautiful photos of landscapes paired with an authentic message are received very well.

Share some of your outdoorsy hobbies, snow days, or just a photo of a gorgeous scene from your walk. Show off the beauty around you, write about how it inspired your writing for the day or a metaphor it made you think of.

A great example of someone who does this well is Adrienne Young. Her feed is full of earthy photos with great and relevant captions about life and writing.

Photos belong to @adrienneyoung

Final Thoughts

We hope this gives you an insight on what to expect this next year and some great ideas as you continue marketing and relating to your readers. All of this boils down to the idea of readers who want you to connect with them. Thankfully, we live in an age where you can do that as an author!

Happy Marketing in 2021!

Authors Mentioned:

Sara Ella


Nadine Brandes

Emilie of EAHCreative

Lisa (@lifeinlit)

Libby Lou

Adrienne Young

***All photos used from author/writing accounts linked above***

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