Perfect Christmas Color Palette

We all know the typical—and dare I say ugly—Christmas color palettes we come across during the holidays. The forest green and bright red combination is overused and rarely beautiful.

Maybe this is my pregnancy speaking, but these colors make me want to vomit. For the love of everything good in this life, respect yourself and stay away from these colors.

Don't get me wrong, using red and green are not the issue—it's the chosen combination of these clashing shades.

When choosing a color pallete for your design, you want to ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How do these colors fit with my brand?

  2. Are these colors competing with each other?

(Competing Colors: Two colors that demand equal amount of attention on a page.)

Here are an examples of how to answer these questions and come up with a perfect and beautiful Christmas color scheme for your post/blog/brand/etc.

Color Palette Example

Here are Blueshelves brand colors:

We use several shade of blue which already has a winter feeling to it. So, I'm going to find some good colors to go with it.

I have 2 methods of doing this. The first one is using pinterest. I'll search something like "blue christmas color scheme" or "winter color scheme" and see what colors come up.

The second method I use is by going to the Coolors website (I will have a link at the end of this post). This website helps you find nice color combinations with your brand colors.

Here is what I came up with:

From here I will choose my favorite three colors for my design. This is also where I will ask if the colors are competing with each other.

Typically, you want a dark tone, light tone, and a neutral tone in your color palette. This means I have muliple colors competing.

My competing colors:

  • Dark Blue & Red

  • Light Blue & Light Green

Since I want a Christmas theme, I'm going to pick the red and light green colors to display in my design and ditch the dark and light blue.

This also leaves me with my final third color: The Gray/Blue Tone

Here is the Final Color Palette (with the touch of brown to go with the trees).

Now, I can start designing a Christmas themed blog post header.

Since this blog is about finding the color palette, I'll give you the short version on what I did to design.

  • I'll find a photo/template (on canva) that goes with these colors.

  • Add the text I want into the photo—only using these colors. (Adobe programs and Canva are great ways to do this)

  • Export and add the image to my blog.

  • Also, take note of how we've stayed true to our brand in this design as well. We used our fonts and lots of white space.

Final Image:


Coolors - Color Scheme Generator

Adobe - Professional Design Tool

Canva - Design Tool for Beginners

Pexels - Great source for free & professional photography

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